Frequently Asked Questions

Below are a series of answers to the questions commonly asked by our prospective and existing clients. If you have any other questions of your own please feel free to contact us.

  • What is it that TASC want to buy?

    TASC want to buy the rental income and fees generated by the mast, in order to do this, we can buy either the freehold or a leasehold interest in the land/property on which the mast is situated.

  • Why would I want to sell?

    Most landlords who sell to us do so because they have a personal or business use for the lump sum of money.

    Some want to avoid the burden of dealing with the mobile operators, they find the negotiations and interactions with the Telecoms Operator’s agents an intrusion on their normal business activities, or maybe they are retired and want to enjoy their free time.

    Others are interested in the security of getting a number of years of rental paid up front and eliminating the risk of losing the rental income.

  • How do TASC make money?

    TASC use our experience to maximise the rental income from the operators within the terms of the agreement.

  • What happens if the Telecoms operators want to take the mast down?

    TASC take on this risk, see the answer to How do TASC make money? If the operator takes down the mast or stops paying the rent – we lose money.

  • How much will TASC give me?

    As you are aware the lease agreements with the Telecoms Operators which govern the rental payments are complex and detailed, they also vary from installation to installation. We need to evaluate the lease agreement, looking for both long term security and the opportunity to increase rental payments in the future. When we have that information it becomes a simple calculation based on the net present value of your rental income.

  • I am thinking of selling my property – can I still sell the rental from the mast to TASC?

    Yes – speak to your property professional advising you on the sale of your property. It is quite likely that you will realise more in total if you split the Telecoms Mast from the main property sale.

  • What are the Tax implications?

    We are not qualified to offer tax advice – please speak to your normal adviser who will be able to give you specific information relating to your Tax position.

  • How long will it take for me to get my lump sum?

    This will largely depend on how quickly we can get the information and documentation requested to complete the legal process.

  • I am interested, what do I do next?

    You can find our contact details on the contacts page or send us an email at [email protected] with your phone number and we will call you back.

  • What happens if I want the mast installation moved or removed after I have sold to TASC?

    This will largely depend on the details of your existing agreement with the Telecoms Operators. We will work with you to achieve your aims within a commercially viable scenario.